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A premium at-home pedicure slip-proof footrest with adjustable height and lock-in padded holder for any size nail-polish. The stand has a removable tray for capturing nail debris and quick disposal after pedicure is completed.

Battery Pack    2pc

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Battery Pack    1pc



With five adjustable tilt angles, two soft pads, slip-proof footstep, and a tall back heel Qik Pedi Step creates a perfect support for your feet. It's durable steel legs with rubber caps ensure stability on any type of surface. Now you can truly relax and treat your toe nails with ease.


Qik Pedi Step comes with a clip-on drawer for storing all your tools can always have your bestie files at hand. The detachable tray is equipped with a holder for three nail polish bottles. The Deluxe version also comes with a bright LED light with a magnifying glass and a fan for faster nail polish drying.


The size-conscious design uses every inch to organize your pedicure space and keep it neat. Qik Pedi Step is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry around. It takes minimum space due to the ergonomic design and foldable legs. Simply collapse it, put away for storage or hang it.

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Features & Benefits

Five tilt angle from 9° to 23.5° for your comfort

Non-slip footrest with 1" tall back heel support

Strong and study construction with foldable legs

Deatachable tray with three nail polich bottle holders

Compact clip-on storage drawer for files

Easy to assemble, clean, store and carry

Deluxe version only

Bright LED light with a magnifying glass

Fan for drying nail polish

Easy to install and remove 2x USB AA battery holders (batteries not included)

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Most frequent questions and answers
The legs are sturdy and strong enough for pedicures while sitting and placing your foot on the Qik Pedi Step, but we would not suggest you stand on it.
The full length of the Qik Pedi Step from the heel to the top edge of the tray is 13” and the width is 5.8”. Yes, it will accommodate male foot size of up to 17.
There a 2 slots for the battery packs below the tray. The battery packs conveniently slide into the slots, and then you can attach the fan and light w/magnifying glass. Similarly, the battery backs conveniently slide out when you need to replace the batteries.
The Qik Pedi Step has five different heights, heel heights range from a min of 7.3” to a max of 10.3”. Also, the tilt angles range from a min of 9 degrees to a max of 23.5 degrees.

The Qik Pedi Step base has anti-slip grooves as well as 2 soft pads for comfort. Additionally, the legs are made from stainless steel and the extended leg rests ensure that the Pedi Step does not tilt while in use. Also, the base of the Qik Pedi Step has a 1” heel support for comfort and stability.

The Fan and Light are both plugged into the USB based battery pack, which is charged through 2 AA batteries each. The Deluxe version of the Qik Pedi Stand comes with 2 battery packs. You can order battery packs separately, if you buy a Standard or Basic Qik Pedi Step.

Yes, it is large enough to store the fan, magnifying glass, and most of the commonly used tools – cuticle clippers, nail cutter, and filers. We would not recommend storing nail polishes in the clip-on storage.

Side grooves on the side are designed to store filers, and the slots in the grooves to hang cuticle clippers and nail cutters – mainly designed for easy access to the tools while you are doing the pedicure.

The main purpose of tray is to catch the debris when you cut or file nails. The tray can be smoothly removed from the base to dispose off the debris and clean with water or sanitizer. Additionally, the tray also has two slots that house the battery packs.

The nail polish holder has an innovative cup holder design with corner studs in all the 3 holders, so that the nail polishes are locked-in snuggly and thus stable.

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